Deals – Polk Audio 6.5″ 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker

$59.99 new
$52.99 open box – excellent…Id=4669018

Also via ebay: = ebay new = ebay open box

Excellent deal, do not miss if in the market for atmos / audio / surround speakers

These are the vanishing series with ultra thin/sheer magnetic grill, and almost no visible bezel

I cant find any difference between these and the V60 series most places carry for $100 – $199 each

Also, specs / performance on these are much better than the MC60 / MC / RC series.

These reach Much lower frequencies and better response, and at this price cost the same or less than MC60’s / RC’s.

The MC’s / RC’s do not hit very low frequencies and they dont have vanishing/sheer/bezel-less like the V / VT / RT Vanishing series

They are on par with the RTI / RT series and match perfectly with them – but cost much less.

Polk seems to be updating their line with same spec’d but higher priced newer models lately so jump on these while you can.

I missed these last time on sale and literally as i was on a ladder cutting speaker holes for MC60’s and Klipsch KH6’s i gave it one last chance to find better speakers on my budget and sure enough these are back on sale! UNREAL.

I put down the dremel instantly, and mc60 / klipsch templates. Ill wait for delivery of these saturday !!

Using for (4) atmos ceiling speakers to match the vt65 rears, 265-RT fronts, center, and surrounds.

I’ll use the other lower end speakers i had gathered for less important distributed audio/ambient music.