Deals – Gigabyte Motherboards: Intel Z270 LGA 1151 ATX $90, Intel H270 or B250 LGA 1151

Just bought the H270 board for my budget build. Very slick price, just wished there were a few reviews around. Only Newegg seems to carry this board and now Monoprice. Then B250 board appears to be the same other than the chipset and with less PCI lanes than the H270. Some good reviews for that one

Extra 3% off from my favorite link through site.

Now hopefully Fry’s has a none bundled Pentium or i3 sale in the next three weeks. Definitely want to get this built within the 30 day return period of the Motherboard. This will be my 5th build over the years and Motherboards will be the hiccup if any.

Edit: everyone must still be asleep, this should be FP IMO.


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