Deals – Craftsman 1 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener + $20 SYW Points

I have 3 of these openers. I have never heard a more quiet opener. Never had a problem. And as far as I know from prior research, Chamberlain makes Craftsman openers. I was holding out for a Chamberlain, but when the price dropped on the Craftsman ones, I jumped. I would buy another one again, no question. I have both the 3/4 and 1 HPS versions. I finally hooked up the gateway a few months back. The app was glitchy when I first installed my openers (which os why I waited to install the gateway) but they must have fixed the problem, as it works fine now, at least for the couple of months that I have been using it. I do have a problem getting one of the openers to work with the gateway, though it may be out of range. I didn’t troubleshoot it much, as that is the least important opener to have work with the app.


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