Deals – 6.5′ Jackson Spruce Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Tree w/ Pinecones

After spending so much time sweeping up leaves and dealing with bugs from the trees in our yard this past year, my wife and I had finally reached our limit. Last November, we took the plunge and removed all of the trees in our yard, replacing them with these. Low maintenance, and no issues with bugs anymore! Also, our water bill has decreased significantly now that we don’t have to water living trees. The 7′ – 7.5′ models look just like the real thing, and around Christmas time we can just plug them all into battery packs and the entire yard lights up. Significant effort up front, but long term payoff.

Granted, we picked these up when they were around $70 each, and it took right around $7500 to fill the yard, but boy this was a really great decision. I would highly recommend this low-maintenance route to anyone.


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