Special Cases to Rent Referrals as a Standard Member

Most standard members make a critical mistake that substantially lowers their profitability: Renting Referrals. Renting referrals significantly lowers your profitability as a standard member. Standard members earn half as much from rented referrals as Golden+ Members which makes the required referral average for profitability unattainable.

However, there are two cases where renting referrals as a Standard Member makes sense…

  1. Discovering How Renting Referrals Works
  2. Renting Referrals Directly Prior to Purchasing a Golden Membership

These are the only cases I can think of where it would make any sense to rent referrals as a standard member because it is not being done to improve the profitability of your account.

Discovering how Rented Referrals Works by Renting 3 Referrals

As a Standard Member, every referral you rent decreases your profitability. Imagine these referrals as sucking out pennies from your pocket each and every day. However, renting 3 referrals will allow you to gain experience with rented referrals without sucking up too many of your pennies.

Renting 3 referrals is recommended because it allows you to better understand how Neobux works. Renting Referrals is an essential skill to be familiar with as you become a Golden Member.

Rent 100-200 Referrals prior to upgrading to a Golden Membership

This special case exists because Renting Referrals becomes difficult as a Golden Membership. More Golden Members desire rented referrals causing Neobux to “ration” rented referrals based upon certain hours that you set. You set two time referral renting periods within your account. These time periods are when you can “attempt” to rent referrals. Unfortunately, referrals run out QUICK (<5 seconds for 100+ referrals, 5-60 seconds for 0-100 referrals).

If you have slow internet you may have difficulty renting referrals as a Golden Member. In other words, it isn’t like you can just log in and rent referrals as a Golden Member, it takes some skill. However, As a standard member, it takes NO SKILL TO RENT REFERRALS, they’re always available because it’s extremely profitable for Neobux to have Standard members with Rented Referrals.

Thus comes the reasoning for our exception. It’s difficult for Golden Members to get referrals, but Standard members have no trouble renting referrals. Standard members can rent a maximum of 100 referrals, and they have a “cool-down” period of 7 days. An effective strategy is the following:

  • Sunday 1:00 PM: Rent 100 Referrals
  • Next Sunday 1:01 PM: Rent 100 more Referrals
  • (Same Sunday) 1:02 PM Upgrade to Golden Membership

This will get your 200 referrals as a Golden Member. You only lose about $2 in profitability, when all said and done. It’s the easiest way to get referrals and quickest way to start your Golden Membership with 200 referrals.

All that said…I’ve never had trouble renting referrals as a Golden+ Member.

It doesn’t make sense, except when it does.

Renting Referrals never makes sense from a profitability stand point. Never. Never rent referrals for profit. However, if you want to learn more about the renting referral process or if you want to start your golden membership strong, it makes sense to rent referrals.