Out Going Lame Duck Obama Wants Democrats To Save ObamaCare

President Obama in his final days in office is doing everything he can to save ObamaCare, but the reality is, there is nothing to save. Most are drowning in ultra-high premiums and unusable health care insurance due to super exorbitant deductibles. Those who are actually qualified for ObamaCare (Affordable Health Care Act) don’t have any choices, can’t pick their doctors, and most of those who are supposed to pay something – are not even paying their premiums. The entire ObamaCare program is a disaster. What does our lame duck president want to save? There is nothing to save, and the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) is about to implode on its own – it isn’t savable as it is.

Incoming President, Donald Trump, has promised to repeal and replace the AHA. Since The Trump Administration has the House and Senate on his side, they will run the table and the Democrats can’t do much to stop them. Remember no House Republicans voted for AHA, and apparently no Democrats will vote to repeal it, but perhaps many Democrats will vote to replace it – time will tell on that. Interestingly enough, MSNBC, CNN, and other left-leaning cable networks have done segments on the AHA and Obama’s last ditch pitch to try to keep the law in place.

ABC News had an interesting story on this: “Congress Prepares to Battle Over Obamacare” by Benjamin Siegel published on January 3, 2017. The segment called ObamaCare Obama’s signature healthcare law and most important accomplishment.

News anchors are now trying to help Obama in his efforts to keep AHA intact stating things such as: “All those people on ObamaCare will lose their health care insurance,” attempting to play to our sympathies, but what they don’t tell us is all those people will lose their health care insurance anyway – as ObamaCare is bankrupt and will need 100s of Billions in Federal Cash infusions to catch it back up in 2017, meanwhile Obama who is a lame duck president is leaving, leaving that financial mess behind and then blaming the Trump Administration for repealing his failure. Political analysts on the right are not surprised as Obama has never taken responsibility for any of his failures during his presidency.

Although Obama was our first 1/2 black president, and that made people feel good about our nation’s diversity, he won’t be leaving very much in the way of a positive legacy as the Affordable Healthcare Act, ObamaCare, was his signature and seminal accomplishment – too bad it failed so badly. Can the Trump Administration fix this mess? Hard to say, it’s just too bad we are in this pickle in the first place. There is nothing good about this current situation – and any fix won’t make either side happy. Thanks Obama?

Source by Lance Winslow