New CPA/PPD Legit Niche 2016 To Make Big Money

In this tutorial you learn How to Find New CPA/PPD Legit Niches 2015 To Make Big Money. Finding a good legit niche is always hard, but don’t worry we are already working days and nights to find good and legit niches for you people. So all you need to do is what just follow our tutorials.

I noticed that many people in CPA content locking market wonders what a “Legit” niche actually is. But, guess what, most of them just go with some niche that does posses risk for being fraudulent. There is always a chance that your site/CPA account can get banned as you are promoting fake stuff.

So, here you go guys! I will share a nested whitehat legit niche which is easy to promote and make bank of.

Niche (nested): How to cure xxxx

Now, simply replace xxxx with some diseases that are almost impossible to cure, for example AIDS. These niches are highly searched worldwide and can super-easily be ranked on Youtube (I did it myself). It’s a little difficult to rank on Google though.

So, what you need to do? It’s simple. Get a medical related domain and either design/code yourself or hire someone to design it for you. Usually there will be multiple pages, each of which redirects to one nested niche. I highly suggest to make the website looks very professional as it is extremely necessary in this niche.

Now, just simply write some gibberish related to AIDS (or the disease you promote) and it’s symptoms (you can get these information easily on Google) and at the bottom, tell that you have found a solution and to check it, one must “Click Here” (self explanatory). Now, a content locker will pop up with a medical skin and you will get conversion according to how the user is impressed. Redirect the user to a page filled with different methods/tips of how to cure that particular disease (again, you will get the info on Google). Usually the audience is mature and thus it is possible to get more downloads (I always found that mature audience works better for me than kids).

I found that ranking on Google is a bit difficult, I hired a coder to code the website for me in pure Flash which resulted in having myself a superb sleek website. This website is still generating me over 25% CRof average $150+ daily earning.