Neobux Ultimate Member Strategy

Learn how to fully automate your Neobux earnings AND how to save $500 on renewing referrals within the first 45 days of your Ultimate membership! If executed correctly, your account management will be fully automated and generating an income of about $200 a month. These are our experiences and not necessarily how it will work for you.

Ultimate Member Strategy: The Nuts and Bolts

Buying your first Ultimate membership is one of those, “Oh shit, did I just do that?” moments. It’s an electrifying combination of fear, anxiety, and excitement. You say, “I bought the membership, what’s next?!” Every Ultimate member asks themselves this question: How can I make the most money the fastest? And 98% of the time their answer is wrong. They believe renting referrals as fast as possible is the path to greatest profits and lowest costs: WRONG! Ultimate Members make their BIGGEST mistakes within the first 45 days of being an Ultimate Member costing themselves upwards of $500 or more (that’s more than half the cost of an Ultimate membership itself). Will you fall victim? I hope not, I’ll soon explain how to avoid this monumental and common mistake.

Let me clear something up first, Neobux is a long term investment. Neobux isn’t something you do for a year and quit. It’s something you create as an investment and will retain for a long period of time. In return it will generate recurring and consistent returns each month. That’s our goal and that’s how I frame my advice in this guide. Most other guides offer advice on what to do after renting your referrals (recycling, locking, etc). Unfortunately, after you have all your referrals you missed the GUARANTEED opportunity to save $500+. You might be wondering when, and how do I save money? We save this money as we RENT referrals our referrals.

Neobux Ultimate Membership Benefits

As an Ultimate member you will be renting referrals, ideally, lots of them. The Ultimate Membership comes with a handful of features to help you ensure you always receive clicks from your referrals AND that your rented referrals do not expire. And it doesn’t stop there. The Ultimate Membership comes with improved automatic recycling, less waiting time between renting referrals, an improved rental queue, more guaranteed advertisements, more earnings from advertisements, among other things. Most of those things are highlighted in the following chart.


As an Ultimate member with rented referrals, it’s critical to enable two features: Automatic Vacation and Automatic Renewal. In my opinion, these make the Ultimate membership worth it already.

Automatic Renewal

Automatic Renewal will renew all your referrals automatically for you, assuming your account has enough money to renew them. Automatic renewal has two settings:

  1. Period: How long do you want to renew for?
  2. Before: When do you want to renew the referrals?

Period: is how long you’d like to renew each referral for. I always recommend setting this to 240 days as it will garner you the greatest profits overtime due to a 30% renewal discount. However, a shorter term of 150 days will also be profitable, just less so. At 90 day renewal your account will not be profitable.

Before: When do you want to renew the referrals? This setting will determine when to renew the referrals. If you set this to 15 days, it will renew the referral 15 days prior to its expiration. Set it to 3 days and it will renew it 3 days ahead of time. I recommend 5+ days on this setting. The Automatic Renewal feature has worked for me without fail, however I sometimes see referrals that did not get renewed exactly 15 days prior to their expiration. They got renewed with 13 days left on their expiration. That’s what worries me about this

Turning on AutoRenew

Click on the little guy!
Find this: AutoRenew Disabled ClickDisabled
AutoRenew Options: Set them and hit enable
AutoRenew Enabled

It’s that easy!

Automatic Vacation

Automatic vacation allows you take a day off from looking at advertisements. As an Ultimate Member you have unlimited vacation days meaning you never really have to look at an advertisement again. Pretty sweet, right?! However, it is imperative to log in once a month to avoid 60 days of inactivity which will cause Neobux to suspend your account.

TOS 3.7 says you must view an advertisement to receive earnings from your referrals. Fortunately,  Unlimited Automatic Vacation nullifies TOS 3.7. You do NOT need to look at advertisements.


As you can see I did not click 2 days ago, but I received income from my Rented referrals yesterday. As an Ultimate Member you do NOT need to click on any advertisements to receive your income.

Ultimate Membership Benefit: Unlimited Direct Referrals

Save $500 in costs while Renting your first 1000 Referrals

Doing this Strategically can save you $500+ (That’s over half the cost of the Ultimate Membership)

Rent Referrals like normal until you get to 1000 referrals. THEN STOP The cost to RENEW referrals goes up when you own more than 1000 referrals. Figure 1 shows the cost to renew referrals for 30 days as an Ultimate Member:

Figure 1: Renewing Referrals becomes more expensive with more referrals.

It’s cheaper to renew referrals when you have less of them. This is the most important concepts in our Ultimate Member strategy. When you have 1000 referrals or under it costs $.20 to renew one referral for 30 days. When you have 1001 Referrals it costs $.21 to renew for 30 days. When you have 1751+ referrals it costs $0.24 to renew one referral for 30 days. A $0.04 difference. This doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up quickly when you have 1000 referrals to renew. The cost of renewing EVERY referral goes up when you rent referral #1001. You will be able to renew your referrals at the lowest cost with 1000 referrals. Here is the kicker. Let’s say you get to 1,000 referrals and you’re pumped. Why? Because you should be. Then you look at renting your next package. When you rent your next referral, the cost of renewing EVERY REFERRAL goes UP. Not just the referrals you rented, but all your 1,000 referrals you have sitting in your account will be more expensive to renew. It is CRITICAL to renew your referrals prior to renting the 1,001th referral. We’re going to call this part of the strategy,Renewing Early

How to Renew Early and Save $500 on Renewal Costs

The following graph shows how much you can save by renewing early, vs. later (later being when you have 1750+ referrals).

Renew Referrals early and Save Money

Renewing 1000 referrals for 240 days when you have ONLY 1000 referrals will save you $220 vs. renewing them when you have 2000 in your account.

Let’s really hammer home the Savings with a concrete Example…

Scenario 1: Savings Planner

  • 1000 Rented Referrals
  • Renew 1000 Referrals for 240 days
  • Total Cost: $1,120.

Scenario 2: Normal Account Manager who unknowingly throws money out the window

  • 2000 Rented Referrals
  • Renew 1000 Referrals for 240 days
  • Total Cost: $1,340

The person in scenario 1 saved $220 by Renewing Early

Figure 2: Renewing when you have less referrals can save you significant amounts of money.

At this moment, it should be clear that renewing referrals when you own less of them, saves you money.

How to execute the early Renewal Strategy

It’s clear to see, it’s way cheaper to renew referrals when you have less of them. Combine this with our long-term outlook, and we have a guaranteed opportunity increase our profitability. I’ll make this part of the strategy simple.

  1. Rent 1000 Referrals
  2. Renew these 1000 referrals for 480 days (Yes, renew all of them twice for 240 days)
  3. Rent 200 More Referrals (1,200 total)
  4. Renew these 200 Referrals for 240 days
  5. Rent 200 more Referrals (1,400 total)
  6. Renew these 200 Referrals for 240 days
  7. Rent 350 more Referrals (1,750 total)
  8. Renew these 350 referrals for 240 days
  9. Rent up to 4,000 referrals and renew for 240 days when they’re about to expire
  10. Let one referral die to 3,999 rented referrals
  11. Rent one more pack of 200 referrals through the rental queue to a total of 4,199 RR

Once you’ve passed 1750 referrals you have surpassed the highest cost limit of referrals. This means referrals are not going to get any more expensive to renew. This means you can start renewing when referrals come due. Total Savings: $511

Challenge to this Ultimate strategy: Cash Flow

If followed correctly, this strategy will purchase 60%-70% of your Ultimate Membership renewal. But We renew referrals so early our challenge becomes upfront cash flow. Our referrals don’t have time to pay for themselves.

Do you have enough money to renew your referrals? Let’s find out.

This is a vast generalization, but for simplicity, let’s assume our referrals earn us $16 a day while we’re building up our referrals base (It will naturally go up as you rent more referrals… 1000 referrals will earn about $8 a day and 4,000 about $32 a day). Let’s average it out to $16 a day. It will take about 155 days to build up your referrals to 4,199 referrals.


Revenue: $2,480 = 155 days * $16 / day


Golden Membership: $90 Ultimate Membership: $890 Referral Renewals: $6,454 Total Cost: $7,435 Initial Out of Pocket: $4,955 Since we’ve built up our referrals so quickly we won’t have any referrals to renew for about 120 days. 120 days * $32 / day = $3,840 dollars that you can cash out or reinvest into more referrals. Total Out of pocket (if cash money out): $1,115 and you have a fully rented Neobux Account. You should also save an addition $810 for your Ultimate Membership Renewal. All in about $2,000.

The future? Account Management, Renewing your Ultimate Membership

To execute this strategy you gotta be cash rich in the beginning. Investing early will save you money down the road. It’s challenging to build up to 4,199 referrals without investing a portion of your own money. If you don’t have $5,000 to invest up front you can always renew referrals for shorter amounts of times or not double down on your first 1,000 referrals. This will free up cash in the near term, but be more expensive in the long term.

How to pay for your Ultimate Membership Renewal

Yes, the big fat ass elephant in the room is your ULTIMATE Package Renewal. This thing is expensive at $810! And yes, it comes up faster than you might think. You’re strategy up to this point has been solid, renting, renewing all the way up to 4,199 referrals. That’s the goal for the first year. Once we reach 4,1999 referrals, it’s time to start saving for your Ultimate membership Renewal. It’s going to come quicker than you think. Check out the projection center to see if you’re on track. Good luck!