Neobux Standard Member Strategy

Standard (standard-membership) members have an incredible opportunity to earn money with Neobux, and all you need is a neobux account, a computer, internet, and a little bit will power and dedicated focus. The Standard Membership is Neobux’s starting membership, everyone begins as a Standard Member. Our Standard member strategy is capable of creating incomes of in excess of $50 a month. These are our experiences and not necessarily how it will work for you.

What You’ll Learn with this standard member strategy

  • The most Common Mistakes of a Standard Member
  • The 3 Quickest Ways to Achieve a Golden Membership
  • The Perfect Time to Purchase Your Golden Membership

A Standard membership is the starting membership for all Neobux Accounts. Neobux’s Standard membership has access to all 7 ways to earn revenue with Neobux, but some of the features are not profitable. In this Standard Membership Strategy we will outline the tips and strategies to get you to a Golden Membership quickly by avoiding common pitfalls that destroy your account’s profitability. We’ll start with the biggest mistake standard members makes, and why you should avoid it.

The Biggest Profitability Mistake Standard Members Make: Renting Referrals

Who would have guessed Renting Referrals would be a mistake? It is a mistake becauseit’s never profitable to Rent Referrals as a Standard Member. The reason being, Standard members only earn $0.05 per click from their rented referrals. This means it takes twice as many clicks to break even and earn a profit. With current rented referral averages ranging from 0.50 – 0.85, it’s never possible for your rented referrals to generate enough income to pay for themselves. You can also confirm this lack of profitability with our Profit Estimating Calculator.

I only recommend renting referrals as a standard member in two very limited cases. Both of the cases depends upon your intent. If you’re looking to rent referrals for profitability, it will never make sense. However, check out the two reasons to rent referrals as a Standard Member, you may qualify.

Also, if you don’t believe me? Check out this member‘s story. At the time of this post, he’s a standard member with 250 referrals. He’s also earn $100 from MiniJobs. Why is he not Golden? Because he rented referrals and it has sucked money out of his account.

Don’t rent referrals as a standard member, unless you know what you’re doing.

Lessons So Far: Don’t throw away your profits by renting referrals.

Since it is not profitable to rent referrals, how do I earn money with Neobux? The key to profits is utilizing the other 6 ways to earn money from Neobux, AND to obtain a Golden Membership as quickly as possible. We’ll look at that first.

The 3 Quickest Ways to Obtain a Golden Membership

Now we’re going to tackle how to nab that Golden membership as quickly as possible. A Golden Membership costs $90 normally, but it’s possible to get a discount of $20 to lower that to $70. But rather than spending the money to purchase your Golden Membership, three other ways to earn the membership faster! Since we’ll want to rent referrals as soon as we become Golden, we’ll want to have a bit extra money to rent referrals. The goal would be Golden Membership + $20 in your main balance. The strategies contained within this section will help you earn as much money as you’re willing to work for. You could earn up to $500 a month, but we only need to earn enough to become a Golden member and move onto that strategy.

Option 1: Purchasing your Membership with NeoPoints and/or AdPrize

NeoPoints will be your fastest method to achieving a Golden Membership. To purchase your Golden membership with NeoPoints, you’ll need 30,000 NeoPoints. It’s may sound like quite a lot, but you can earn NeoPoints in two ways:

How to Earn NeoPoints

  1. Viewing Advertisements and subsequent AdPrizes
  2. Completing NeoPoint Offers


NeoPoint Offers are offers you can complete to earn NeoPoints. just by downloading and installing iPhone or iPad applications. Neobux makes it pretty easy to earn NeoPoints through the NeoPoint menu or through AdPrize prizes. So combine both NeoPoint offers and AdPrize and you’ll have 30,000 NeoPoints before you know it. In our Neobux Review, we looked at a super successful member, Magnet, who currently has 120,000 NeoPoints in his account. These are Neopoints accumulated in addition to paying for his Ultimate membership.  It will take a while to accumulate 30,000 points, but it’s possible. This approach will be a slow and methodical movement towards Golden.

Accumulating NeoPoints through Adprize.

AdPrize offers a multitude of

Viewing all possible AdPrizes has an additional benefit, it’s possible to win a Golden membership from AdPrize. Every day 12 Golden Memberships are given away every day through Ad Prize. Sure, your chances are low, but many members have won multiple Golden Memberships with AdPrize.  This strategy is very common with people who religiously view advertisements. Many people on the forums have done this strategy and use it year after year. Let’s talk about how to properly implement this strategy and how viewing adprize could win you your Golden membership. If you don’t think it’s possible, check out Sonesh who has won 2 Golden Memberships. Ad Prize allows members to win NeoPoints, Cash, or a Golden Membership.

Critical Strategy Component: Never Miss Another Advertisement

The critical part of this strategy is viewing as many advertisements as possible because that will generate more AdPrize opportunities. And the more adPrize opportunities, the more opportunity you have to win your Golden membership. And the more opportunity you have to win other things that increase your main balance. So how do you see as many advertisements as possible? Just sit on Neobux and hit refresh all the time. Just kidding, Neobux came up with a way better way, AdAlert.

Download and install Neobux’s browser extension: AdAlert. AdAlert is a simple browser extension that notifies you when a Neobux Advertisement pops up. If you’re browsing the internet on another webpage you’ll be notified of a new advertisement when it becomes available. AdAlert is an essential piece of this strategy. With AdAlert you’ll never miss another advertisement.

Real Member success Story: Space Banana

Space Banana has won two Golden Memberships from AdPrize and has invested $0 out of his pocket! Really cool! Yes, he views quite a few advertisements, but he finds the prospect of winning enjoyable. He is now renting referrals and earning some passive income.

Upgrade Option 2: Purchasing Golden membership with NeoCoins

It takes 60,000 NeoCoins to purchase a Golden Membership. NeoCoins can be earned from Direct Referral commissions or by completing NeoCoin offers yourself.

Challenges to Purchasing your Golden Membership with NeoCoins

Unlike NeoPoint Offers where it’s possible to earn a lot of NeoPoints without spending any money, NeoCoin offers typically require you to sign up for a credit card or spend some sort of money. This is why NeoCoins are worth more than NeoPoints in Neobux.

Related: NeoPoint Conversion Rates and NeoCoin Conversion Rates

The other obstacle to using NeoCoins to purchase your Golden membership is NeoCoins take 60 days to hit your account. Basically the Neobux Admin has created a 60 day waiting period to prevent NeoCoin fraud. This waiting period will ensure that your offers are still active and that you’ve actually completed the offer. However, this slows you down by 60 days.

How to earn NeoCoins in Neobux

To earn Neocoins, simply Navigate to the NeoCoins menu and you’ll see all the NeoCoin Providers.


I’ve noticed MATOMY offers easy-to-complete offers while TrialPay offers high-reward offers.

Below is an example of an easy MATOMY Offer from Bing. Simply sign up for Bing’s rewards program and it you will be rewarded the NeoCoins


This NeoCoin Offer will be completed when you sign up for Bing Rewards. If you were absolutely adamant about completing Free NeoCoin offers, you could do it in a day. Most Free offers give 1,500 points by downloading a game. That would be 40 offers. If you complete 5 offers an hour, you’ll be complete with your offers in 8 hours.

Neobux also has paid offers. These are typically something like, sign up for a credit card or purchase stamps. Fill out 4-5 of these and you’ll have a Golden Membership in under an hour.


You can even get a Coins from a Purchasing a Starbucks eGiftCard.


Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas? Get them a Starbucks gift card, just do it through Neobux and earn NeoCoins in the process. There is no excuse not to have a Golden Membership within a year if keep NeoCoin offers on the forefront of your mind put your mind to it.

Another important note: Some offers take 60 days to be credited to your account while others are credited instantly. If it takes 30 days to be credited you’ll see this warning on your screen.

Yes, I know it says 30 days, but NeoBux Admin recently switched it back to 60 days


Upgrade to Golden Option 3: MiniJobs + Viewing Advertisements + Direct Referrals

I would estimate this is the slowest approach to earning your Golden Membership. This is the old-school way of earning your Golden Membership with Good ole’ main balance cash. If you’ve got friends who are excited about Neobux, ask them to become your direct referral. Then when they view an advertisement, you’ll receive income. You’ll also receive income on any of their purchases. Combine this income with doing MiniJobs and you’ll soon be on your way to earning your Golden Membership. Viewing Advertisements will not earn you a lot of money, but AdPrize can generate cash into your main balance when you win. Combine all 3 approaches and your account will be steadily producing income.

Upgrade to Golden Option 4: Investing $100 of your own money

This option also exists. The Golden Membership costs $90, but I recommend having a little extra cash in your account to rent referrals. Simply hook up a Paypal account to your Neobux account and input the money. This will skip all the time spent “earning” your Neobux Golden membership. Be sure to snag your membership at the right time which is detailed below.

Strategically Timing the Purchase of your Golden Membership and Save $ every year

The critical-ness of this step cannot be understated. Purchasing your Golden Membership at the correct time will save you $10 – $20 every year which equates to about 15,000 NeoCoins and 20,000 NeoPoints. Neobux’s Admin offers upgrade/renewal discounts throughout the year and they have been repeated every year at Neobux!

This gives us hope that they will be continued in the future, and so far they have been. That said, being strategic in planning the day in which you purchase your membership will save you money and allow you to rent more referrals and increasing your revenue and profitability. While purchasing at the wrong time will make it more difficult to take advantage of the discounts on future renewals and make your account less profitable. If you want more detailed information on when I think you should upgrade, I’ve documented the Admin’s most common discount days along with recommendations on when to upgrade. I recommend upgrading at the New Years promotion or Neobux’s official launch date (April 30th).

Recap and Next Steps:

We’ve covered the best ways to ruin your Standard Account’s profitability by renting referrals, we outlined 4 options to upgrade to a Golden membership the fastest, and lastly we talked about strategically purchasing your membership so you can get a discount every year. Pretty good so far. Now it’s time to input the work of earning that membership.

The next tutorial will start us off with a brand new Golden membership. We’ll teach you how to maximize profits from your rented referrals’. In the next tutorial we assume you’ve upgraded your membership to Golden and it’s time to start renting some referrals. As always, we cover everything you need to know to maximize your Neobux profitability.

Next Step: Golden Member Strategy