Neobux Calculators

Our Neobux Calculators will help you quickly calculate common Neobux computations. You’ll be able to calculate the profitability of your account on a daily basis, find out how many clicks you need to receive to reach and calculate your break even point (bep). Even if you don’t have an account, you can see how much profits you could earn with ourProfit Estimating Calculator. might earn by starting a Neobux Account today.

Our Neobux Calculators

  1. Neobux Profit Calculator
  2. Break Even Point (bep) Calculator
  3. Profit Estimation Calculator
  4. Referral Cost Calculator

Use these quick links to quickly go where you want or scroll down and see detailed explanations of each caluclator.

Neobux Profit Calculator

See how much profit you earned today. Simply input your membership, personal clicks, renewal period, rented referral count, rented referral clicks, direct referral clicks and your recycle amount… or just leave it all blank. We’ll tell you how much money you made or lost!

Here’s just a snippet of what you’ll be able to find out. Daily Profit, but also a breakdown of Revenue and Expenses



Rented Referral Average, Break Even Clicks and more



Lastly, we’ll tell you all the assumptions we made to make this calculator a reality.


Of course these assumptions will change based upon the Neobux Membership you select.

Neobux BEP Calculator

Just input your referral count, membership and renewal period and we’ll tell you everything your heart desires. We’ll tell you what average you need to achieve as well as how many clicks you need to receive to be profitable.

Neobux Calculator: Profit Estimator

Maybe you have an idea of how many referrals you’d like and a membership you dream about. This calculator will tell you whether or not your future account will be profitable.

Neobux Calculator: Referral Costs

Input the number of referrals you have, and your membership and leave the difficult calculations to us. We’ll calculate the cost of renewing all your referrals for various renewal periods. Just sit back, and relax.