Neobux bep Calculator (Break Even Point)

Don’t mess around downloading people’s out-dated excel spreadsheet and put your manual calculator away. Our neobux bep calculator will tell you exactly how many clicks and average you need to achieve to break even. Simply input your membership, renewal period, referral count, recycle count and membership discount and let us calculate your Neobux Break Even Point. This is the most detailed break even point calculator on the web and we hope to keep improving it as time goes on.

Neobux bep Calculator (Break Even Point)

How to Calculate Neobux bep

The Neobux BreakEven point is a critical calculation in determining your Neobux account’s profitability. The Neobux Break Even Point depends upon your Membership, Renewal Period, Referral Count, Number of Referrals recycled, and your Membership Cost.

Step 1: Calculate your Daily Expenses

The first step is to calculate your daily expenses. This includes the cost of your Neobux Membership, the average daily cost to renew your rented referrals and the recycle cost.

Calculating Daily Membership Cost

Normally you just know the total cost of your membership, but if you forgot, we have all Neobux Membership Prices here.

Neobux Membership Prices

MembershipCostRenewal CostPromotion Discount AmountsNeoCoins CostNeoPoints Cost
Emerald$290 $270$5-10N/AN/A

For example an Ultimate member has a membership cost of $890 + a Golden Membership of $90 for a total of $980. Simply divide that by 365 and you have the daily membership cost of $2.68. If you’re a second year Ultimate member, the renewal cost is $90 less, so you’ll want to add in 90 into the Membership Discount.

Calculating Average Daily Rented Referral Cost


This cost depends upon your membership, your renewal period and how many referrals you have. Step one, calculating your base referral cost. Some memberships offer rented referral discounts as a membership benefit. For instance, Ultimate members have a $0.03 discount. If your account has 1751 referrals, your base referral cost would be $0.24 for 30 days. Then if you’re extending for 240 days, that is 8 renewal units (240 / 30). So then you take that 8 * .24 * (1 – renewal discount). In this case the renewal discount for a 240 day renewal is 30%.  So 8 * .24 * (1- .3) = 1.344, but round this to 2 decimals of 1.34. That’s how much it costs to renew one referral. Take that number divided by the days renewed, (1.34 / 240) * Number of Referrals. In our example it is 1751 * (1.34 / 240) = $9.776

Adding all the Daily Expenses Together

Daily Renewal Cost + Daily Membership Cost + Recycle Cost = Total Daily Cost.

In our example it is $9.776 + $2.68 + 0 = $12.45

Now we need to see how much money we are earning from each referral click. In the case of the Ultimate member it is $0.01. Then just divide your daily cost by that number. Total Daily Cost / Rented Referral Click. In our case $12.45 / $0.01 =  1245 clicks. That is your break even point as an Ultimate member. Just take 1245 / number of referrals to come up with the required average. That’d be 1245 / 1751 = 0.71 avg.