[Method] How to earn $5/$10/$50 per day!

Search engines like Google, Bing thrive to put the best possible search results to help its users.
Here’s where some specific online jobs are introduced for skilled workforce.

– Web Search Evaluator
– Ads Quality Rater
– Content Evaluator

Now, the method that I’m sharing is just to create an initial income for a period of time.
I highly recommend you to stop doing it once you earn some cash ($1000) and then invest that money on building websites or whatever..

I’m breaking it down to 2 steps…


Fill an online application for iSoftstone: http://issworld.isoftstone.com/en-us/home.aspx

It took 2 weeks for them to approve my application. They have an initial screening test which is pretty much basic English stuff.
You can easily clear with intermediate English language skills. Make sure that your application is accurate.


Once you get approved into their system, you get access to UHRS ( https://prod.uhrs.playmsn.com/Judge/Views/logIn )
Here’s how it looks like
Click image for larger version.  Name: UHRS HITS.png  Views: 1921  Size: 69.7 KB  ID: 77887

Every type of HITS in above image has a qualification test. Easy to crack. You get 3 attempts for each one of it..
Your earnings will be updated under “My Report” session.
Like this
Click image for larger version.  Name: UHRS Earnings.jpg  Views: 1780  Size: 89.8 KB  ID: 77889

Click image for larger version.  Name: Earnings-UHRS.png  Views: 1262  Size: 17.3 KB  ID: 77890

Above screenshots serves as earning proofs. (Sorry for my editing skills)

I made $2500 before giving up on this method. Later started IG+CPI and I will quit that too in this month.

If your impatient to wait for the approval process, you may try

https://www.clickworker.com/ Just register and take a simple test and you get UHRS login credentials. Boom! Start earning.

I recommend iSoftstone only because they pay well compared to Clickworker.

Other trusted sites:


You can find some more crowdsourcing sites if you do little research…

I know this is not so valuable share but fuck it I made $2500 in 1.5 month..


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On Aug’15, 2016
I will post
” Making $1000/day like a BOSS ”
Complete Whitehat method..

Big thanks to BIGBUDDY!
Never talked to him but I’m gonna dedicate that method (” Making $1000/day like a BOSS ” ) for him.. Reason? I will share it on Aug’15..