Make Money Online With Domain Parking, Domain Flipping and Best Sites to Park Domains

Make Money with Domain Parking

As I did the research for my first money making hub, a while back, I came across what I thought at the time, was a rather strange way of making money online, and more or less ignored it.

However, the more research I did on the topic of making money online, the more the subject of domain parking and domain flipping kept coming up.

I found myself asking the questions, why would anyone want to buy an expired domain? What was domain flipping exactly? And how does one make money from them? I subsequently found that domain parking and domain flipping can be a lucrative business with a real potential for making a profit for the savvy marketer. I decided to take another look at it.

Expired Domains

The majority of online workers will at one time or another acquire one or more domains. Some of which will be allowed to expire for various reasons.

Many people will buy several domain names at once, but never actually get around to developing them all, allowing some to expire.

Although some owners may already have an excellent volume of incoming traffic to a domain, they may choose to move on to another niche. Some of these domains may have a real potential to attract traffic; that was never realised.

It is possible to find amongst the many expired domains for sale, some that are using keywords that are ideal for our current niche or websites.

Someone who is waiting for a particular domain to come on the market can sign up with sites like Domain Backorder; if the domain that a customer hope to acquire, should expire, it will be quickly snapped up by Domain Backorder. Fees are paid only if the order proves to be successful.

Domain Parking

When you park a domain name, you are in effect, hosting that domain name somewhere, and are using a parking service that allows someone else to generate traffic to the website until you decide how you want to develop your site.

Many valuable domain names are purchased by marketers who never actually get around to using them. These domains can be put to work to earn money.

Buying Expired Domain

Before we can make money from expired domain names, we must first acquire the right domain name, and to do this, we will need to spend some cash.

The cost of some domain names is minimal while others can cost a lot. What is important, is making a profit.

Some domain will come with details of incoming links and traffic, which are made available from the sites that are buying and selling expired domain. This information can prove to be very useful; however, unfortunately it is not always available.

When choosing a domain name, it is still a good idea to look out for the ones that contain keywords or phrases that are memorable and identified, always get a .com domain that will remain the most valuable.

When parking a domain, you can choose a free service or one that cost a small monthly fee. The parking service will add a page of relevant links and ads that will attract traffic to monetize the domain and bring in some revenue.

Keep in mind, the amount of revenue you get back largely depends on how much you are prepared to spend on parking. With the free service, the owner gets less of the revenue.

The paid service would appear to be the best way to go. However; since the parking service will only place one page of content to attract traffic and revenue, it may be an idea to do your own landing page and save some money? If you own a site, you already have a hosting service, and can place the landing page on your own server and park it yourself, thereby, saving the monthly cost.

You also have control over what links you can promote, such as, affiliate links. This way you retain all the revenue, and that could make your site an excellent profit generating website.

Earn Money Online Domain Flipping

Domain Flipping is a term primarily used in the United States to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or, “flipping) it for profit. ( Wikipedia, 2011).

Domain names all start out with the same price, what makes one domain name more lucrative than another, is the word of the domain name and its extension. The keyword of the domain name encompass most of the value, a good generic word can potentially sell for a considerable amount of money. If you don’t yet have a website, visit GoDaddy or

To make money domain flipping, we first need to find good relevant keyword rich expired domains, park them for a while and wait for some good traffic, then take the domain to a site like where you can put them up for sale for more money.

A good domain name with a decent number of existing traffic can generate a great deal of money for very little work. When buying the domain name, be sure to get the right domain name; and remember, “.com” is the most sought after domain name extension. The biggest domain sale of all time have all been .coms if the right name is not available, most domain and site owners tend to go after the .net or .org extensions. Once you have acquired your domain name, the next step is to monetize your new site and park it for a while.

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