Make Money in Sharecash GUIDE+ Techniques to EARN

How to make money with sharecash? Yes i know this question is in your mind which let you here to learn everything about sharecash, how it works and how to make money with sharecash. So in this post you are going to learn exact methods on how you can make money from sharecash. Keep an eye on this post to know everything about sharecash. So let’s get started.

First of all what is Sharecash?

Sharecash is a Pay Per Download website which let you earn money every time when a visitor download your file. Suppose you are sharing an ebook and you want people to download that ebook but wait why not to earn money through it. Now here’s come sharecash you just need to upload that ebook on sharecash and when a visitor download that ebook you will get paid. Isn’t it cool? Yes but i know you must be thinking that there are tons of file hosting website that let you upload your files but they never pay because in sharecash there is a twist i mean whenever a person wants to download your file he or she needs to complete a short survey in order to download that file.

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How to upload file on Sharecash:

If you have not created your sharecash account then create one by clicking here and follow the simple steps to upload your first file on sharecash.

  1. Now log in to your account and you will see your sharecash dashboard.
  2. Click on Files tab on the left side of your screen and then click Upload Files.sharecash-dashboard
  3. Now you will se sharecash file uploader and click Add button as seen on the image
  4. After adding your file click on Upload button.sharecash-uploader

Note: Make sure you follow all the rules of sharecash by not uploading any adult content on the website.

You have successfully uploaded your first file on sharecash. Now what next?

It’s time to grab the url of your file so that your visitors can download. In order to do that head over to Manage Files under the Files tab. Now you will see your uploaded file, right click on that and select Get info. New window will appear just like the image below. That’s the url of your file you have to share with your visitors.sharecash-file-url

Uploading part is completed. It’s time to make money with sharecash.

How to Make Money with Sharecash:

So you have completed the first part of sharecash by making an account and uploading your file now it’s time to make money with sharecash. I’ll tell you couple of ways through which you can earn money with sharecash. Without wasting any time the first method i am going to tell you is Social Media.

Social Media:

Almost every person you know uses social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc and spends many hours doing chatting with friends but you can actually make money with sharecash using social media platforms. You can share your ebook link on your page or many groups where people are interested in that kind of stuff then surely they will download the book but before downloading they have to complete a short survey which hardly takes 5 minutes to complete and after completing the survey they will get the ebook and you will get your money.

The second way is by making a Blog.


In this fast growing world everyone has their own blog or website where they share ideas, post and much more. You can also make a blog for you to promote your ebook or anything so that visitor can download that and you get paid. If you don’t know how to setup a blog then check out our free blog setup page. So after making a blog, post your file on your blog with the sharecash link and drive some organic traffic to it so that you can get paid.

Third method is using Youtube.


Everyone is familiar with youtube, right? Youtube is the most popular video sharing website which is also use as a search engine like google. You need a gmail account to sign in to youtube and create a channel. Now this is the channel where you are going to share your Sharecash url of your file. Make a video regarding your file and upload it to your youtube channel and paste that url in the description to let people download your file.

This is how you can make money with sharecash while sleeping. If you are a hardworking person then surely you can create many videos and post urls in the facebook groups and pages.

Ebook is just an example you can upload softwares which are not available on the internet. I have earned by sharing softwares on youtube you can also do the same to make money with sharecash.

How much money you can make with sharecash:

You can really make huge money from sharecash because their payout rates are best on the web. You can get $1 to $20 per download depending on the location of the person who downloaded your file. USA, Canada, UK and Australia have the highest payout rates. If you manage to get 100 download per day and from that 100 downloads minimum 20 are from USA then in average of $5 per download you can easily earn $100 per day. Isn’t it cool?

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Payment Methods:

Sharecash supports 4 payment method which is pretty good.

  1. Payoneer
  2. Payza
  3. Bank Wire Transfer
  4. Checks

You can request for payout on 1st and 2nd day of every month and you will get paid on 3rd day of the month. If you want to withdraw your money in Payoneer Master Card make sure that you have reached the minimum threshold of $20 to receive the money and for the Payza the minimum threshold amount is $25. To receive money via Bank Wire Transfer in US bank the minimum amount is $50 and fee of $2.5 will be charged. For the international people you need minimum $100 to receive money and fee of $35. Last but not the least payment method is Check and the minimum amount in US is $50 and fee will be $2.5.

Definitely the last two payment methods are not that worthy to use and i recommend you to use Payoneer account to withdraw your earnings. You can also use Payza but Payoneer is better option.


I hope you like my post on how to make money with sharecash. Any question? If yes then please ask me in the comment section below i will definitely try to answer all your questions. And yes if you love my post then do share this with your loved ones because sharing is caring.

Happy Earnings!