$$$ Incredible Profit Margins , Ali Express Dropshipping

Okay so after reading this thread

I decided to also post a method close to his, for his thread he used Iphone Cases

For this thread I will use, a Bracelet





This thread to show you the power of the Luxury Niche.
People who buy these bracelets from these companies truly believe that they are recieving some high class 60-150 Dollar bracelet, but in reality,
these bracelets are all on aliexpress for 1-10 Dollars,

Because of the marketing, the images, and how they ship the items in a nice looking box, they are able to take a 4 dollar braclet and turn around and sell them for soooo much more, their profit margins are ridiculous.



I also tried this, and made some money off of it, but nowhere close to what those competitors have made.
I didnt target the luxury niche, instead I targeted the “spirtuality” niche and sold these lions bracelet under the webstie “spiritualbracelet.com (i no longer do this the site is down)

I sold a 2 dollar braclet for about 15, I didnt make 1000s only 100s, about 200 dollars, i stopped because
1. I was begininng to lose profits from advertising,
2. My customers kept saying they didnt recieve their items, aliexpress takes forever, some custmers started charging back on paypal etc etc.


You can still get in this game if you market it right or use another item, the secrect is to make the item look like its something thats really worth more then it is thru marketing and pictures etc etc

the thread that I posted up top shows you how to fake luxury pics, plus aliexpress has a lot of nice luxury pics with the braclert in them already so you can use that to start off,

I recommned if you do this though, not to dropship from aliexpress, meaning, when someone pays you, you buy off ali and enter the customers adress,
because the shipping box is going to be crap, and shippign will take long its btter to get your own box design, and buy in bulk and ship from wherever you are so shipping is short, and the packaging looks luxurious since thats what the customer blieves they are going to gt

So to review
You will need

A website (hosting domain)
A social Media account
target the luxury niche

I personally paid for advertising, but i guess my brand wasnt good enough to go viral, there were days i got 4 customers there were days i got none, and the advertising started making me get negative profits,
SO if you got good branding skills etc etc then this can work for you