GiftHulk – Earn Cash and Gift Cards!

Looking for ways to earn some extra cash online? One of the sites I use daily to earn cash and gift cards is GiftHulk.

GiftHulk is a GPT site where you can earn cash and gift cards for completing tasks, offers, surveys, searching, and watching videos. When you complete an activity on the site, you will be awarded in Hulk Coins. Hulk Coins can be redeemed for Paypal, gift cards, or even Bitcoin.

Continue reading this Gift Hulk review to learn more about how Gift Hulk works and how you can use it to earn cash and gift cards.

How Does Gift Hulk Work?

There are a ton of different ways to earn on Gift Hulk. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it and figure out what you like doing, it becomes very simple. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways to earn cash and gift cards on GiftHulk:

Offer Walls

Gift Hulk has the usual offer walls (, Peanut Labs, TrialPay, RadiumOne, etc.) To complete an offer, use correct information and follow the requirements in the offer. Make sure you make a separate e-mail for doing these offers because you will get tons and tons of spam. Don’t get discouraged if the offer does not credit right away. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes (even hours) to process. Of course, every now and then you’ll get a dud that won’t credit at all.

Gift Hulk Easy Offers

Gift Hulk made it easy to avoid those offers with their EZ Coins section. I mostly complete offers from the EZ coins, and have had good luck with those. They are selected by the Gift Hulk staff and are the easiest offers to complete.

I actually really like the way Gift Hulk allows you to sort the offers. On each offer you can see how many users have been credited. You can also sort by the amount of users credited. If you see that a lot of users have received credit for the offer, then it is likely that you will too!
There is also a little ticker that pops up at the top of the screen where your Hulk Coins are that tells you whenever a user completes a high paying offer. Keep an eye on those because it tells you what is working for others right now and may be something that you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Note: When you are on the Gift Hulk website the ticker will make a bubble popping noise whenever it pops up. I figured I’d mention it because this drove me absolutely insane the other day when I had the Gift Hulk page minimized and forgot about it. I could not figure out where that noise was coming from! I spent like an hour trying to pinpoint it, so hopefully this will save you the time if you ever hear that noise, haha.



Gift Hulk Review Surveys

There are 2 sections for surveys. They are both pretty much the same, but the 2nd survey dashboard seems to have higher paying surveys. Each of the survey dashboards has a bar that you fill up when you complete or are disqualified from a survey. Each little box in the survey bar will give 25 Hulk Coins when it is filled.

You will also receive 20 Hulk Coins when you are disqualified from a survey up to 3 times a day. This will happen a lot, so at least you get a little something for trying.

App Downloads


Gift Hulk App Downloads

Downloading apps is an easy, low effort way to earn Hulk Coins so check on it each day to see whats new. You can add the devices you use in your profile to maximize the amount of offers you get.

This is my favorite section because it is really simple to do. Basically, you just pick an app from the list, install, run, and delete. You can send the link to the app to your phone through email, or scan the QR code in the offer.


The tasks section has Crowdflower tasks to complete. I don’t really bother with these because I just have a bad taste for Crowdflower in general from when they used to be on Mturk.

There are also tasks from GiftHulk, and you can earn Hulk Coins from creating a blog post about Gift Hulk (yay), starting a forum thread, or making a YouTube video.


As you complete offers and activities on Gift Hulk, your level increases. Benefits for higher levels include more chips for the Guess the Card game, rebates on prize purchases, faster prize delivery, and the highest level rewards an instant $10 gift card.


Daily To-Do List

If you just want to make a few Hulk Coins every day with minimal effort, there are a few things you can do daily.

Gift Hulk Guess the Card

1. Play the Guess the Card game.
Every day you will receive chips to play the game. You might not be a big winner when guessing, but there are bonuses hiding in the deck that make this game worthwhile.

Randomly, you can receive a joker (which gives 100 Hulk Coins), boosts (Example – increases all Hulk Coins earned by 12% for the next 6 hours – Love these!), and Fountain of Youth codes that can be redeemed for Hulk Coins. each fountain of youth code has a certain number of uses so you can share it with friends!

2. Search
You can be awarded Hulk Coins for searching for something in the search bar. This can be done multiple times throughout the day. Just make sure you click something when you search or it gets a little upset with you.

3. Check In
Each of the survey dashboards has a check in button that will give you 5 points every day.

Just doing these 3 things once a day only takes a few minutes and is a great way to build up Hulk Coins!

GiftHulk Payouts

Gift Hulk is unique because you can redeem your Hulk Coins for BitCoin. I have not seen many others do this, and I think it is pretty neat. You can get 5 mBTC for 6000 Hulk Coins, and 10 mBTC for 12000 Hulk Coins.

Paypal can also be redeemed at the minimum of $5.00 for 5000 Hulk Coins.

There are also a variety of gift cards that can be redeemed at a rate of $1 = 1000 Hulk Coins.

I have only redeemed with Paypal so far and it has been decent. I think it has usually been like a day or two after redeeming before it was deposited. Not too bad. Maybe it will be faster when I get to a higher level. I’ll be sure to update.

How to Start Using GiftHulk

Gift Hulk is currently open to users from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Ireland.

To earn a bonus 250 Hulk Coins use the code EO1229614 when you sign up!

Click here to sign up for GiftHulk!

Is GiftHulk Worth Using?


Worth it? Yes

GiftHulk is one of the more entertaining GPT sites to use. I have fun playing the Guess the Card game. I also like how the offers show how many users have completed them. There are little daily things you can do on the website each day to earn Hulk Coins when you don’t have a lot of time.

I am still curious about that Mystery Reward in the bottom left corner. It has been there since I have signed up and I swear that the bar moves sometimes or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me because I have a weakness for mystery boxes. Who knows, maybe one day the great mystery will be revealed.

Anyways, I’ve had a good experience with GiftHulk and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to earn a little extra cash, gift cards, or bitcoin in their spare time.

Click here to sign up for GiftHulk and get a 250 Hulk Coin bonus!