Deals – TELLO – 70% off deal for any plan worth $10 or more

Get the 70% off deal for any plan worth $10 or more by using the code: 2HOT between 23-30 June (EDT)…th_70_off/

Save money for cool sunglasses, switch to Tello with 70% OFF

There’s nothing we like more than a well-deserved summer deal to match our inner coolness! That was our exact thought when we designed this promotion: why not spend less on your phone bill & have more money to really enjoy the summer? This way, you get the best of both worlds: you join Tello with a killer 70% offer & get to finally buy those perfect sunglasses, great outfit or that trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Get the 70% off deal for any plan worth $10 or more by using the code: 2HOT between 23-30 June (EDT) and start enjoying more of every summer day!

Why a promo in June?

We’ll be honest & modest: because Tello is not like your average wireless carrier!

We didn’t want you to miss out on all that you wanted to do this summer and get overwhelmed by bills, when there is always a better way, especially when talking about affordable cell phone plans.

Cross worrying about your phone plan costs off your list by switching to Tello and spend the extra money you now have on more important stuff this summer, like shades or a cool beach bag, on an extra day spent traveling! Seriously, it’s about extra pampering & saving some money – both very important activities for that cool factor we were talking about.

Who benefits from it?

All new customers, who switch to Tello, open a new account & get any phone plan of $10 or more, as well as those who already have an account with us, but no first order yet.

The 70% off is only for your first month, but there is no reason to worry because Tello is always about saving you money, providing the best experience for our customers and no extra fees, whatsoever. You can build your own plan, adding minutes, text & data as you wish, upgrade & downgrade it anytime, for free.

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