Deals – Shun 7-Piece Mixed Knife Block Set $479.99 +FS

Did a search and didn’t see this posted.
Price comes up as $599.99 on the website. Use discount code EXTRA for 20% off.
So, $599.99 – $120.00 = $479.99 (+tx if applicable in your location)

When I placed my order the original confirmation also included a rather insane amount for shipping (like $35?). When I got my shipping confirmation however shipping was free, it looks like everything on the site ships free if over $49.

Shun 7-Piece Mixed Knife Block Set…DUCTSEARCH
7-Piece Set includes:

4 1/2″ honesuki knife (Dual-Core)
6″ utility knife (Classic)
8″ kiritsuke knife (Premier)
6 1/2″ hollow-ground nakiri knife (Kaji)
9″ honing steel (Classic)
Kitchen shears
11-slot bamboo storage block

If you spend over $499 on Shun stuff there is also a $50 MIR being offered, cheapest possible useful thing I found was this knife roll for $39.95:…DUCTSEARCH

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