Deals – Samsung Gear 360 Spherical VR Camera (US Version with Warranty) $130.00 ac / fs @ ds

This is the 2016 Gear 360 camera. I have one of these and it is a lot of fun, but it only works with Galaxy S phones.

There is a 2017 Gear 360 camera as well, and there is likely to be a whole ton of them new on eBay and Craigslist in the next few weeks due to the fact that you can get them for $49 with the purchase of a Galaxy S8/S8+. Currently, they are selling on ebay in the $150 range.

In some ways the 2016 camera is better than the 2017 (removable battery, better still image quality, removable tripod), but in a lot of ways the 2017 is better (smaller, better video quality, compatible with iPhone and other Android phones).

I would compare the two and think about whether or not it would be worth the extra $20 or so to buy a 2017 on ebay.


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