Deals – New BeyerDynamic DT 880 Premium Special Edition Chrome Version 250 ohm (717258) – $139 + FS buydig via eBay

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Have these, love them.

Sennheiser HD580’s sound like someone put a sock over them. Very hard to get lost in. But very easy to listen to for long periods. Comfortable. I personally do not know how these compare to 598/600/650, but they all have a reputation for a “veil” being present. With a Little Dot Mach III Tube Amp, the 580’s came alive more than with a PIMETA custom or Altoid amp, but I still prefer to hear the details. $200+ & amp needed.

Grado SR325i’s have a smaller soundstage and tend to throw everything at you. @ $300, theyr’e a little pricey, but don’t require an amp to be exciting. They do sit on the ear, so comfort might be an issue. These don’t “hide” the details like the Senn’s do.

AKG Q701’s w/ bass port sticker mod have a HUGE soundstage, but things don’t feel connected, or cohesive. Comfortable, but headband can be an issue. These have FANTASTIC positional audio for gaming…just other worldly. Not sure if the mass drop KXX has the stickers, but it’s worth investigating for the low end potential. I’ve seen these for $150ish on Amazon, but you’ll definitely want an amp.

Bose QuietComfort 35’s are ALL bass, loose, unrefined bass with no highs. ANC has a white noise always present in the background that cannot be turned off that I found particularly distracting when listening to podcasts or Headspace. Not as much of an issue if in a noisy environment. Known firmware issues as well, but comfortable if headband is stretched, lol! I think a bass head would love these, lol! But $350…lol!

Sony V6’s are super cheap, but if you replace the pads with Beyerdynamic’s 250-80’s for $20, you have very easy to drive, very comfortable, and accurate headphone for $80 (when on sale). No amp needed, very portable, but definitely more of a “budget” sound.

I recently owned some Westone UM Pro 30’s. They’re billed as “studio monitors” and I thought, well, I’ve heard some Rockit RP6 “studio monitors” before and they had LOTS of detail! I could not have been more wrong. Despite a lot of folks on head-if and internet reviews that favor the UM Pro series, Westone advertises them for musicians. Here’s why:

1. VERY dark, meaning, there’s an actual cutoff at the high end. These do not sparkle.

2. VERY close sound stage.

It’s perfect for a musician on stage looking to block out noise and hear their voice and the beat, but not so much the treble to ease fatigue. A Westone rep read my thoughts and offered to replace with the W40. These are billed as “audiophile, or listening” in ear monitors. I avoided them at first because I read thoughts about them being “colored” and a preference for the UM Pro line. For me…the W40’s…

1. On the warm side, but I don’t feel like I’m missing the top end of a Demi Lovato or instruments that hit higher notes.

2. Sounds aren’t on top of each other and I can hear space in the instruments.

3. Low end feels a little more detailed or maybe faster?

Beyer 880…finally, my HOLY GRAIL! I bought these with the FiiO A5 portable amp and use them with an iPhone 6S Plus. DETAILS!!! No sock like the Senns. The soundstage is perfect IMO, not too large like the AKG’s, but not too small like the Grados. Bass can go low, but it’s not exaggerated in anyway. These sound more like an upgraded V6. But I would definitely recommend an amp with the 250 Ohm. Another thing, they are FAST, trance music sounds incredibly on point.

I avoided these for years because I read things like, “Too BRIGHT, hurts my ears!” Well, everyone is different. I’m just trying to relay my experience with what I’ve owned to save others time in their pursuit. Big Grin

Lastly, the special edition chromes or blacks vs the original have different ear cushions, that although a little firmer, don’t allow my ear to touch the inner foam like the original’s. After a bit of light stretching, these things have incredible comfort. I use them for movies and music over all other headphones. The W40’s are for when I go in public, but I will go for the 880’s over all of the above headphones for every genre, classical, electronic, rock, worship, etc. The only exception would be gaming. The AKG Q701’s simply can’t be beat when it comes to positioning and soundstage.


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