Deals – GreenWorks 13-Amp 21″ Corded Lawn Mower

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I had a buddy of mine let me use his corded lawn mower and nearly killed myself by rolling over the power cord. I dont really understand these. This one didnt have a retractable cord. Your just dragging around an extension cord while trying to mow

If you have a yard without a lot of obstacles it works great. By the second or 3rd mow, you can get a nice routine going. Start closest to the outlet and then do rows outward. I have one tree in the middle of my yard and it is not an issue. Its pretty easy not to run over the cord. These are definitely not for large yards though. I purchased an electric to replace my gas mower and I am happy with it.

Positives: No need to buy and store gas/oil for your mower. No need for maintenance at the start of the summer to get your mower going again. The only maintenance is sharpening the blade. Much lighter and quieter than a gas mower, and you can flip it on its side to clean underneath. Compared to the cheap $150 gas mowers, you only need to push a button to start it and don’t have to pull start.

Negatives: The cord, while you get used to it, it is still something that you have to wind and unwind each mow. Does not work as well with wet grass and super long grass.A lot of male friends and neighbors will make fun of you.


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