Deals – FLIRC USB Universal Remote Control Receiver (2nd Gen)

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I bought one of these second generation ones and it was a pain. I really wanted to like it but I kept getting a problem with delayed key presses. It was really frustrating. The owner kept telling me to update the firmware. I did that and still had issues. I just gave up on it.

I sold a logitech keyboard and mouse once because I was getting a delayed keyboard response. Originally, I thought it was because of the 2.4ghz band but I had the issue again w/ a MS keyboard and mouse.

I’m suspecting that it isn’t the wireless interference but the contact and/or electrical connection after I tried a different port that had not been in use. I think the snug fit is what’s at issue. If you take the item out and then back in often and also use the item for long periods of time, there seems to be a contact issue because I also noticed this in old computers where a usb port just doesn’t work. Maybe the amount of devices plugged in as well.

So, I think it’s that in general and not driver or a firmware issue. Try getting a usb extension cord, male to female and see if that does the trick.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver if that didn’t help.


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