Deals – Dell Ultrasharp U2417H or U2417HJ 1080p IPS LED Monitor – $185 Shipped

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Comparison between the two models (TFT Central):

“It was interesting to test the U2417H having only recently tested the HJ version. To be honest we weren’t expecting much difference given the use of a Samsung PLS panel in both, and given they are equivalent replacements to the successful U2414H of a few years ago. The obvious differences first of all are the design, connections, USB port location and presence/absence of a wireless charging function in the stand. We liked that wireless charging feature on the HJ, although appreciate not everyone will want or need it. We did prefer the new sleek infinity edge design of the H model though and the darker silver stand and base. Having the arm-mounting option for the HA version is also useful for some.

Underneath all that, despite both new models using a Samsung PLS panel, there are some differences in performance to be aware of. Of most significant difference are the viewing angles. The HJ had disappointed us with its rather restrictive viewing angles, something we’re not accustomed to seeing from an IPS-type panel at all. Thankfully the H was better and more what you would hope for from this tech. As a small trade off, the HJ seemed to have a little less IPS-glow on dark content, although neither model were as low-glow as the U2414H before them.

There were some more minor differences in other areas as well as some similarities. Default setup was pretty comparable between the H and HJ to be fair, as was brightness adjustment range and contrast ratio. Both were PWM-free and had light AG coating which was pleasing. Response times did vary a little, with the H being a tad slower and having a little more overshoot than the HJ. The additional ‘fast’ response time setting was pretty pointless as well. The lag was basically the same and non-existent on both which is good news.”

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