Deals – 50-Pack Mugig Guitar Picks (0.88mm or 1.0mm)

Do most of you perform on stage?? 🙂
Never understand why anyone need a 50 packs who plays at home.

Picks are a good tone control. Meaning they all sound different.
And the most important aspect is the bevel on the picking edge. Besides the material.

I am still using picks I got 15 years ago. Most of what I have I do not use as I try out newer ones.
Ultem/Ultex are my go to material for the last 10 years and I do not see any need to change.
If you want a crisper/brighter sounding pick Delrin is on the other end of the spectrum; meaning it is soft and relatively muted.
Try a Dunlop Ultex in .73 if you want an all around pick.
Support your local music store by buying picks/strings/etc. in there. They are only about 50-75cents each. Ultem do NOT break.

Of all the Dunlop ultex I have used all of them have a perfectly molded bevel and perfectly flat.
Not the case with a lot of Claytons that I have used.


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