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Newbie here, need expert opinion of some parents if any of these are a must have. Should I get a bpunceroo or rockaroo or none of these and go for a different brand or product instead? Spout cover needed? Thanks!

Still a newbie myself, but our kid used a swing for the 1st month and a half (Graco) and now heavily uses the rock N’ play from Fisher Price. I’d recommended only getting one of those that auto rocks. We got one that didn’t that just vibrated, which I think is similar to the bouncer here. We used it for the 1st few weeks now it pretty much collects dust. So to answer more directly id target the swing here if any. It’s motion seems much less than what we get from the Graco swing but some babies may prefer that. It also goes front to back the Graco goes side to side.

For the spout cover I can see that being helpful if you are going to bathe your kid right in the sink. Otherwise many tubs give you a temperature reading.


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