CPA/PPD Saturated Method – Never Shared Method!

CPA/PPD Saturated Method – Never Shared Method!

I have never saw anyone else posting something like this elsewhere, neither i know anyone else doing this, however i will post it here.

So, here is the actual method :

1. Buy a domain, hosting and create a WP site (you can also make drupal site spammers likes drupal, but i will stick with WordPress because of monetization).

Site can be about anything, literally, i always choose domains with word “free”, so the guys who will visiting spam articles will have some confidence about the site.

2. Disable registration and posting for now

3. Start building some high quality backlinks to your site, no matter what is about, i will suggest Angela backlinks, they are high PR and 100% quality, almost 0% chance you will get penalized for that.

4. Wait 1-2 months until your site starts getting some ranking about the niche you created it ( i suggest you to choose below 500 searches keyword, so you can get it ranked quickly ). If you have some spare cash, buy aged domain, even 1-2 years old will do the work, If the domain is indexed in Google for those1-2 years, if it is just purchased domain and never indexed on google – it will not work.

5. Enable registration on your site and make sure that everyone have a permission to post articles and make them automatically published.

6. Now we need to attract spammers, basically you can just wait till they find you, it will not take much time, but you can speed them up, simply find some backlinks list already shared online, put your site many times in the list, then share the same list where ever you can, seo forums, blackhat forums, free uploading sites like 4shared, where ever you can. I would suggest you to promote the list as GSA list, because GSA will nicely post on your WordPress site.

7. It will not take long until your site starts getting 1000’s of articles published daily. Once they start spamming you, they will also build tier backlinks to you, so they will rank your subpages by them self plus, since your site will have tons of articles, google will most likely rank it quickly, it will take just 1-2days until you start getting good ranking on all those spam articles.

8. Time to monetize, we will use content locking method, install WordPress content plugin like this one : WordPress Content Locker and lock ALL pages with your content locker ( use CPALead, CPAGrip or some other network which have content locker feature ).

In a very short time you will start getting 5k+ unique visitors a day from Google, since they are coming from Google they are targeted, which means your CR will be very good, so do the math and you will see how much you can earn with this.

You site will stay live for at last 2 months, which is more than enough to bank hard, rest for a bit and then start over. Good luck and bank hard .