How I Earned $1000 in 1 Week From Dailymotion?!

Wanna Earn Money from Dailymotion?! Well, you’ve come to the right place

If you want to earn money from dailymotion, this guide/case study is a must read for you. As after reading this,

you’ll be getting some PRO Tips from me in the end as well which will help you to earn same OR even more amount of money from dailymotion than i did in this case study.

So, excited, right?!

Well, let’s get started then

How I Made $1000+ from Dailymotion in 9 Days?!

Case Study on How to Earn Money from Dailymotion

At first, you might be wondering how many channels do i have on dailymotion? And would i like to share the links of those channels as well with you?!

Now, let’s move on to the topic


  • How much I’ve earned from Dailymotion?!

Maybe you’re wondering this as well. I know all this because people ask me every single day about how much have i earned from dailymotion to the date? Well, today I’m going to share the screenshot of one of my accounts. And this is the earnings

Total Earning from Dailymotion

In the screenshot, everything’s self explanatory. But still, let me explain for you…

  • Earned to Date: Total Earning of Channel
  • Last Payment: Most Recent Payment (Just like AdSense)
  • Current Balance: Earning They Haven’t Paid Yet

Hope this was explained enough.

  • Screenshot of $1000+ in 1 Week (9 Days Actually)

Now, here’s the screenshot of actual earning that i made in 9 days to be exact. I still call it $1000+ in 1 week. So, here it is…

$1000+ in 1 Week from Dailymotion

In the screenshot, you can see that the earning is separated in 2 months. That’s because when views started flowing in, it was already 21 April, of 2015, and when views stopped coming, it was 5th May, 2015. So, it was a total 9 days of period in which i earned this $1000+ from dailymotion.

Check in the screenshot below

Analytics - Earn Money from Dailymotion

You see, It was over 60,000 (60k+) per day when i started making over $60 and even $100+ per day!


So, let’s just not waste any minute now and see how i got these views that made me over $1000 in 1 week (9 days).

What I Did To Earn $1000+ from Dailymotion in 1 Week?!

Did you watch the video? If you did, there was a section called “domains breakdown”, this is the section where you can see from where i was getting the views that generated me over 1 thousand bucks in that week.

Actually, it was $1300 but they removed invalid clicks and etc that AdSense does as well. I didn’t expect that to happen!  That’s why i was SO much angry when they cut off $300 from the total earning of that period!


Back to the topic

There was a PBN (Public Blog Network) that found my video and embedded it on their all websites. Isn’t it insane?! Yeah, they embedded it on all of their website of that Blog Network and then was the moment when i started noticing that something’s unusual with my channel. I don’t get over 50,000 views per day!  What could it be?

I started investigating!

I opened Google Analytics that i was using on my dailymotion account that time. And they don’t support Google Analytics now, i guess.

I found that in “right now” section, there was 500+ active users! I was shocked when i understood what was the case…

Here’s the VIDEO (Trailer) they embedded on their sites:

All of those views were from United States! That’s what helped me get this amount.

And there’s something i wanna make CLEAR to you all

I don’t work on Dailymotion. I mean, i don’t create channels and upload videos and try to get views on them to earn some bucks. I was, am, and always will be using dailymotion just for fun.

I just upload songs, naats, qawali or something very touching that i love on dailymotion. And that’s pretty much it. And that is exactly what i did when i got those views as well.

But, in this case study, I’ll also share some tips for YOU if you want to make money from dailymotion by simply uploading some of your favorite OR even not favorite videos.

PRO Tips:

Now, it’s time for those so called “PRO Tips” i was talking about

Well, if you wanna do something similar to this case study, if not exactly, these tips are going to help you out in this.

As you’ve read, i didn’t do anything to get those views. Those views and the money i made was natural.

But, here’s the deal…

No one said you can’t get the same OR even more AWESOME results by doing all this on purpose!

What i mean by this is, you can just reach out to the websites that accept random user submitted suggestions and then they publish those on their website. For example Viral Nova’s Submit Content page.

There’s NO chance they’ll ignore your submission on purpose, but, they’ll ignore it if you seem like someone promoting your own videos for the sake of getting views and in the end, making money off of it.

To prevent that, you can start by submitting other people’s videos. You can start submitting all kinda of relevant videos to their categories, that’ll help getting approved. And after some time, like 1-2 weeks later, you can start mixing up your own video submissions in there.  That way, they won’t ignore your request, even if they KNOW that you’re submitting your OWN videos to make money!

Well, that’s pretty much it…

What’s next?

This is what i have to say about this case study. If you want me to add some more information, just comment below, I’ll try to update that information on special request of yours.

And finally, please share this case study on Facebook, Twitter, OR Google+ wherever suits you the most. Just do it as it’s not going to cost you a penny. Instead, you’re helping me and others who’re looking for the same information. Information that’s tested and proven to WORK.