Anova Sous Vide Bluetooth Precision Cooker $99.99 + Free Shipping


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Interesting. So this would be for people who are able to plan their meals hours before eating. This isn’t for the 9 to 5 person who’s mind doesn’t think about food until they get in the door and have to deal with their crazy kids. They get microwaved food. Big Grin

T-R-U-E. I have the Wi-Fi one and honestly I hate to say it but I was not impressed. I cooked my London broil for about 8+hrs at med-rare temp in a marinade in a food saver bag. got home and fired up my cast iron fajitas grill pan and sealed it off. it has a very strange almost blue fin tuna belly consistency and made a HUGE mess out of my stove top when the marinade on the meat flamed up. will try again but will use outside. have only tried that one time so might try chicken next.

wait I also did a butter poached lobster tail and it was also a bit lacking in texture. then server it with drawn butter and some pan seared shrimp and the texture was much better.

I’m not blaming the brand or sous vide itself just saying there is a difference. will try a few more times and do some research just not one of those perfect out of the box experiences.

and technically you can “over cook” it or cook it “too long” and over soften it (maybe what I did).

the neat thing about the Wi-Fi was put ting the London broil in an ice bath and knowing the temp (reads water temp) and then watching it warm up the water (melt the ice) and cook. I was running late so I just extended the cooking by 1 hour from my cell phone on my way home.


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